A big thank you to our founding donors!

About Us

Who Are We?

 We are a group of individuals who want to give back to our community through services, aid, and support.

What Is Our Goal?

We are an organization that allows anyone in the public to request help anonymously. The information will only include what they need, why they need it, what other steps they have taken. The request must include what the desired outcome is. From there, we will be able to review each request and see if this is something we can help with. We will attempt to pair them with a business, a donor, or numerous members of the community to help with their issue.  This includes, but is not limited to:

1) Vehicle or home repairs

2) Food and Clothing

3) Domestic Violence Safety

4) Dental and Medical help

5) Help paying bills

6) Counseling

7) School supplies

8) Transportation

9) General support and anything else requested

How We Work

We use social media and our registered service providers to pair those in need with those who are able to help. We use the funds collected to help support our cause by purchasing any supplies needed for the above listed items.